The SSG Difference

What has everyone talking?

At Shareholders Service Group, you get get the best overall value. While others race to the bottom of rates, fees and other fine print minutia, our advisors depend and enjoy what we deliver best – trust, transparency and hurdle-free services so they can focus on what they do best . . . serving their clients.

Highest Rated Custodial Platform

2020 T3/Inside Information Advisor Software Survey

Same Day Promise. . . Expectations Exceeded

Service requests in by noon EST. Completed same day.

Management & Employee Owned Since Day 1

Founded in 2002

Every Team Member Serves Advisors

Average Experience is 19+ Years

Current Hold Time. . .
Zero, Zilch, Zippo

On Hold? Hardly. You call, we answer the phone.

No Payment for Order Flow Routing

We avoid the potential for conflict from this hidden revenue source.

Ready for Better?

Do you want to learn more about why SSG is one of the fastest growing, most trusted and highly referred RIA services provider around? Give us a call or drop us an email, we’d love to have a chat.